Pioneering Edition of THE BIBLE

Fully Printed on Black Paper

The crowdfunding project to print the first volume of this unique edition of the King James Version of The Bible was successfully funded during the month of June 2023 on Kickstarter.

​More than 450 supporters have helped to bring to life this unique version on black paper of The Bible, by purchasing several different editions before it was printed.  

​Due to its dimension, The Bible will have to be divided into several different volumes, and the New Testament was selected as the first of this unique edition of The Bible.

This unique edition is only available on our website!

  • We believe that books can be more than just the words they contain and also be beautiful items on their own right. They can be objects of art and design, aesthetically pleasing and visually stunning. Indeed, some ancient Bibles are among the most beautiful books ever created.

    ​The Bible is one of the most significant books ever written. No other book has had such a profound influence in shaping Western culture and influencing our values and beliefs. It has always been a source of inspiration and comfort for millions of people. Whether you are religious or not, The Bible deserves to be read and appreciated for its significance.

  • But The Bible is not just influential, it is also one of the most extensive books in existence. The thin paper in which it is normally printed doesn't exist in black color. Even if it existed it would not be technically possible to print with white ink on such a thin type of paper.

    For this reason, this publication of The Bible on black paper will have to be divided in several different volumes.

    We have selected

    The New Testament to be the first volume.

  • The New Testament begins with the Gospels, which tell the story of Jesus birth, ministry, death, and resurrection. The remainder of the New Testament is made up of letters written by various early Christian leaders, as well as the book of Revelation.
    Together, these books provide a record of Jesus teachings and the early history of Christianity. For many Christians, the New Testament is an essential guidebook for living a faithful and meaningful life.

  • This new edition of The Bible will be fully printed on the finest Italian black paper using only white ink. Printed and bound using centuries-old techniques, traditions, and technologies, each special edition will represent a piece of history. These processes are longer, harder, and more expensive than ordinary printing, but the final result is something extraordinarily beautiful.